Our BusinessTokyo International Airport Runway D Construction Project

Tokyo International Airport Runway D Construction Project
Offer Haneda reexpansion D runway JV
Project Duration 2002 to 2009
Ordered by Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

This is the Runway D construction project for Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). The Runway D project involved the new construction of a 2,500-meter runway comprising reclaimed land sections, pier sections and connecting sections. Pacific Consultants performed design work for the runway, including the connecting sections.

The reclaimed land section comprises a runway at a maximum height of AP 17m offshore of the existing airport revetment at a water depth of AP. -12m – AP. -20m. So that the required ground height is maintained even thirty years after the runway entering service, a degree of sinking allowance has been set. For the bridge section, a jacket structure with a pile interval of 31.5 meter is employed to satisfy the percentage of cross-sectional inhibition across the Tama river. For the reclaimed part as well as the bridge and connecting sections, a steel pipe sheet pile well foundation structure is used for revetments subject to eccentric earth pressure of 33 meters from the sea floor at AP. -19 meters to the runway height of approximately AP. 14 meters. This represents the most important structure making up Runway D.

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