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Water Resource / Disaster Risk Management

Watershed management Comprehensive solution to various problems with watersheds, from water sources to coastal areas (basin hydrological cycle, substance circulation, national land with water information, water quality conservation, improvement measures, etc.)
Rivers, dams, erosion control Survey, planning, design, hydraulic tests in the field of rivers, dams and erosion control (flood control plan, river development plan, design of embankments, revetments, dams, flood gates, etc., comprehensive sediment control, hydraulic tests and analysis, irrigation plan, etc).
Oceans and Coasts Survey, planning, design, CM and construction supervision of marine technologies, such as harbors and fishing ports, coastal protection, sea embankments (tsunami analysis, embankment planning), seafront development, etc.
Disaster risk reduction and management, crisis management Surveys of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, wind and flood damage, and social disasters such as terrorism, disaster risk reduction and management planning (crisis management plans, regional disaster risk reduction and management plans, BCP), disaster risk reduction and management drills planning, construction of disaster risk reduction and management information systems, etc.
Asset management Support towards individual and integrated asset management , life extension repair planning, inspection, management level, cost analysis, best practice, business evaluation, asset evaluation, risk management, various business plans, database and management systems related to social infrastructure (road pavement, bridges, rivers, dams, water supply and sewers, airports, ports, constructions, railroads, etc.).

Transport Infrastructure

Roads Works related to road traffic measures (road network planning, traffic estimation, traffic simulation, development effect analysis, business evaluation, etc.), works related to road development, improvement and maintenance (road development planning, road design, roadside environment development planning, bicycle and pedestrian space planning, measures against traffic congestions and traffic accidents, consensus building support, road maintenance planning), supervision of road-related projects (supervision of PPP projects, survey design, construction), etc.
Bridge & Structures Survey, planning, design (including seismic and landscape design), analysis of bridges (road, railroad, new transportation, pedestrian decks, etc.), elevated bridges (road, railroad), earth structures (retaining walls, box culverts, etc.), crossing structures (overbridges, overpasses, pedestrian bridges, underpasses), river and port structures (flood gates, sluice gates, maritime piers, embankments, special embankments, etc.) and various constructions; structural health survey, bridge inspection, structure maintenance planning, construction management, etc.
Tunnels Survey, planning, design of open cut tunnels (road and railroad), shield tunnels (road, railroad, underground rivers, etc.), mountain tunnels (road and railroad), utility tunnels, underground car and bicycle parking lots and other underground constructions; inspection of tunnel constructions (travel measurements), tunnel life extensions planning, construction management, etc.
Railroads Route and wiring planning of railroads, LRT and new transportation systems; survey, planning, design and maintenance of newly constructed station buildings (bridge stations, ground and underground stations), improved station buildings (platform extension, installation of platform safety fences), rolling stock base, etc.; survey, planning and design related to shinkansens, urban railways, deep underground systems, continuous crossing projects, extension of railroad crossings, etc.
Aviation Airport survey, planning, design, analysis, preservation, disaster risk reduction and management planning, surrounding area development planning, construction management (airport embankments and offshore runways), etc.

City Planning

Development projects PM and coordination of urban development projects, general development of residential, industrial and logistics complexes, land readjustment projects, investigation, plotting, planning, design, development licensing and supervision of urban development projects, planning, design and supervision of station squares, bus terminals, etc.
Urban and environmental design Planning, design and consideration of life extension of parks and green areas, landscape planning and design, agricultural policy, improvement projects for sports, resort and tourist facilities, etc.
(plan, design, structures, facilities)
Participation in complex construction and urban projects, construction related master plans, basic concept, general master plans, general private and large scale constructions such as government buildings, civic community halls, exercise facilities, etc., participation in PFI/PPP projects such as planning, design and commercialization of infrastructure such as station buildings, etc., urban redevelopment coordination, building CM, property management, building asset management, construction technology consulting, etc.
Urban and regional planning National land and regional planning, comprehensive municipal planning, urban master plans, legal urban planning, urban development regulations, comprehensive regional revitalization strategies, land rationalization planning, low-carbon urban planning, redevelopment planning, station surroundings development planning, revitalization planning for central urban areas, district planning, disaster-proof urban planning, environmental basic planning, basic planning for green areas, PI/consensus building planning, sports, health (sports, health, medical, welfare), wellness, universal design and accessible facilities, etc.
Transport policy and planning Transportation policy (transportation facilities, roads, etc.) and general transportation systems, urban transportation planning, transportation planning (aviation, railroad, LRT, BRT, bicycle, ultra small mobility, etc.), district transportation planning, evacuation planning, TDM, mobility management, ITS, automobile and bicycle parking lot planning, policy evaluation, economy evaluation and economic effect analysis with emphasis on transportation field, survey and analysis of traffic conditions, traffic estimation and microsimulation, etc.

Energy, Power and Water

Power & Energy Research on energy systems, support for formulation of energy policies and measures against global warming, support for introduction of renewable / unutilized energy, energy conservation systems, etc., energy management in conjunction with low-carbon urban development, ESCO advisory, business and technology evaluation by LCA, energy system engineering, etc.
Resource Recycling (Waste Products) Formulation of general waste processing plan, planning, design and supervision of construction of waste treatment facilities (heat recovery facilities, final disposal sites, recycling facilities, etc.), industrial waste treatment facilities, human waste treatment facilities, planning and design of biomass utilization facilities, advisory and business monitoring of waste processing and disposal projects (PFI, PPP, etc.), consideration of catastrophic waste processing measures, support for private and overseas waste projects, etc.
Water supply and sewage Water business (support for privatization including the water supply management support, management plans for water purification), survey, planning, design (business plans, renewal, diagnostics and reinforcement design of seismic and tsunami-proof constructions, effective use of sludge digestion gas, etc.) and management (management, management support, asset management, GIS, PFI, PPP, etc.) in the field of water supply and sewage.


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Environmental policy, biodiversity,
environmental assessment
Environmental policies for municipalities, biodiversity response, nature restoration, evaluation of environmental impact, simulation of impact on atmosphere, weather, etc., living environment survey, natural environment survey, forest resources management, environmentally conscious design, corporate CSR and environmental management support, environmental education, etc. as support for the whole environmental field towards building a sustainable society.
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PFI/PPP management Examination of commercialization of PFI / PPP, private projects related to public land usage (creation of business schemes, financial simulation, legal condition arrangement, risk analysis, etc.), support of public offering for businesses (offer condition arrangement, preparation of examination criteria, preparation of required level, etc.), contract support for projects (proposal examination support, contract support, etc.), project execution support (facility maintenance and operation monitoring, etc.).
Administrative and social management Support for administrative management reform, public asset management strategy, comprehensive planning, regional management strategy and marketing, administrative management system (administrative evaluation system, budget system, personnel evaluation system, etc.), administrative improvement of public enterprises, new public and revitalization business management, PPP construction, business operation improvement and BPR, action improvement, etc.

Facility Engineering

Electrical, mechanical and building facilities Life extension planning for tunnel disaster risk reduction and management facilities, ventilation and smoke exhaust facilities (road and railroad), electric and mechanical facilities (station buildings, buildings, etc.), tsunami protection systems, water management and water treatment facilities, ECO energy systems such as solar power generators, road and river management information systems, flood gates, dams and other facilities; design of facilities related to Olympic games, etc.

Digital Technology

Management system Maintenance and management of social infrastructure, asset management systems, IT solutions for administrative and private sectors, information communication networks, public information systems, CALS/EC, planning, offering and construction of electronic application and other systems, development of ASP projects, outsourcing construction management, etc.
Natural and social environment system Collection and analysis of information related to natural and social environment, such as disaster risk reduction and management, forestry, climate change, preservation of biodiversity, renewable energy, etc.; data processing and analysis using GIS and satellite remote sensing, proposal of measurements for regional revitalization (agriculture and forestry, public transportation, etc.) using ICT technology, creation of regional support businesses, operation management works, etc.
ITS and traffic control system Formulation of various measures centered on information infrastructure for realization of smooth, safe and comfortable road traffic; examination, construction and operation management of ITS and traffic control systems that implement these measures.


Ground-related technologies
(geology, soil quality, water circulation)
Ground survey, testing, field measurements, geological survey and analysis, ground disaster risk reduction and management survey and design, measures against liquefaction and ground subsidence, ground structure design, survey and analysis related to measures against landslide disasters, design of measures against landslides, survey and analysis of hydrological environment, water circulation analysis, preparation of water circulation plans, survey, analysis and measures against soil and groundwater contamination, etc.

Research and Development

Consigned research,
experiments, tests,
environmental analysis
Implementation and consignment of research and development related to infrastructure lifecycle, disaster risk reduction and management and reduction, environment and energy, safety and security, computerization, etc., hydraulic model experiments on rivers, ports, water supply and sewage, development of observation and measurement technologies for floods and landslides, product testing for soil and construction materials, water quality analysis, soil contamination analysis, etc.