Would you like to use your experience and expertise at Pacific Consultants? We are now accepting applications for position noted below.

1. Requirements

  1. Educational background: Holds degree (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral) or at least graduated from technical college
  2. At least two or more years of working experience in the field of works described below. (Applications for those with less than two years of working experience may be included within the new graduate hiring process.)
  3. Language skill: Fluency in writing and speaking in both Japanese(JLPL: N1 level) and English (TOEIC: 750 or higher )
  • Applicants with international project management experience are welcomed
  • Applicants certified as engineers, first-class architects, energy managers, MBA-holders, real estate appraisers, lawyers, accountants are welcomed.

2. Working Conditions

  • Location: Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka etc.)
    • There might be chance of frequent business trip to abroad (depends on projects)
  • Working Hours: 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday
  • Contract: Permanent position, Contract bases, Part-time
  • Salary: Depends on past experience and age
    Overtime payment, commuting allowance will be provided
  • Social Insurance: Health insurance, Employment insurance, Compensation insurance and Employee Pension will be covered

3. Recruitment Fields

Field Details
Ports and harbors Field investigation, numerical simulation, and structural design of port, harbor, and coastal area; Planning of port development, conservation, and maintainance management; Planning of construction method and management for marine structure
Rivers, erosion control, and coasts Investigation, planning, and design of flooding countermeasures, water resource measures, and erosion control, primarily in developing countries
Disaster management Study and planning related to disaster management (dosaster prevention and reduction planning, recovery planning, evacuation planning, regional disaster management planning, etc.), primarily in developing countries
Roads, bridges, and tunnels Road project evaluation; road improvement planning; investigation and design of roads, bridges, and tunnels; construction management; and asset management contributing to infrastructure maintenance management, primarily in developing countries
Transportation planning Project design, investigation study/survey, and planning related to road and traffic urban development; economic ripple effect analysis, etc., primarily in developing countries
Urban and regional planning Study, planning, and comprehensive urban development planning, city master plans, TOD development planning, station area and urban development planning, etc., primarily in developing countries
Climate change Survey, support for policy making, project formulation and implementation on climate change measures (mitigation and adaptation) in developing countries
Water resources and water environments Survey, planning, designing and project implementation on water resource supply and water environment improvement (including wastewater treatment) in developing countries
Energy Survey, planning, designing, commercialization support and project implementation on Renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass, small hydroelectric, etc.) and energy saving in developing countries
Water supply and Sewerage systems Survey, planning, engineering and facility construction management on water supply and sewerage systems (purification plants, sewage treatment plants, pump stations, pipelines, etc.) in developing countries (applicants with experiences on waterworks planning, sewage system planning, execution designing on pipe and drain are preferred) 
Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Impact Assessment in developing countries
Waste management Survey on waste management and processing, support for planning and designing on waste treatment site/facility in developing countries
Facilities (mechanical, electrical, and communications) Investigation, planning, design, and construction management for mechanical equipment, plants, electrical equipment, and communications equipment necessary for infrastructure facilities such as roads, railroads, tunnels, rivers, and water and sewage systems, etc., primarily in developing countries
Rail Investigation, design, and construction management for underground structures, bridge structures, etc., related to urban railroads and high-speed railroads, and investigation and planning related to rail maintenance, primarily in developing countries
Mechanical design Planning and design of mechanical equipment and plants necessary for roads, railroads, tunnels, rivers, and sewage facilities, etc. (disaster prevention equipment, ventilation equipment, air conditioning equipment, sluice gates, wastewater facilities, water treatment facilities, etc.)
Electrical and communications design Planning and design of electrical and communications equipment necessary for roads, railroads, tunnels, rivers, and sewage facilities, etc. (lighting equipment; power receiving and distribution equipment; in-house power generation equipment; monitoring and control equipment; CCTV equipment; wireless, wired, and optical transmission equipment; new energy equipment; energy saving equipment; etc.)
Building construction Investigation, planning, design, and construction management for building construction, etc., primarily in developing countries (first-class architects and structural design first-class architects preferred)
Airports New airport construction; enhancement of airport functions; airport maintenance and management; investigation, planning, design, and construction management for airport operation; and air transport demand forecasting, etc.; primarily in developing countries
Private sector business New business startup, project design, coordination, planning, design, operation, and overall business management, primarily in developing countries