Policies upon UsageInformation Security Policy

Information Security Policy

In view of the high level of progress of the information society and based on the management philosophy and corporate code of behavior, we establish the information security policy for the purpose of appropriately operating and managing the information committed from work, information assets to be used for business activities and so forth.

1. Positioning of the policy and applicable range
This policy becomes the basic stance of the information security measure and applies to the information asset used by our company business activities and the relevant people who use the asset such as the employees.
2. Information security system
We establish the information security regulations and the supervisory manager to set up the operational system for the information security measure.
3. Operation and management of information asset
We will implement appropriate security measures in order to properly operate and manage the information asset.
4. Compliance with regulations, law, ordinances, etc.
We will obligate the relevant people such as the employees to comply with the information security regulations and we will comply with the relevant law and ordinances.
5. Information security education
We will conduct the necessary information security education to those who use the information asset and aim to maintain and improve the awareness for the information security measures.
6. Prevention and countermeasures for accidents
We will strive for the prevention of accidents related to the operation and management of the information asset and in the unlikely event of an accident, we will take immediate and appropriate measures including measures to prevent recurrence.
In addition to putting into practice the measures based on this policy, we will strive to be the company that customers can trust through regular reviews and internal audit activities.

October 1, 2008 (revised)

Tomoyuki Shigenaga, President and Representative Director