Company Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Charter

The Pacific Consultants Group has adopted the Corporate Governance Charter as the basic policy for the group’s governance management.

  • Constantly striving to establish and improve corporate governance
    As part of the Pacific Consultants Group’s tireless efforts to enhance corporate value, our management is continuously engaged in self-driven initiatives aimed at establishing and improving corporate governance, along with constant monitoring of the outcomes.
  • Enhancing corporate value and contributing to society with a long-term perspective
    Rather than merely generating short-term profits, we operate with a long-term perspective that seeks to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value while also contributing to the sustainable development of communities.
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability to shareholders, society, clients, employees, and other stakeholders
    We seek to establish governance and ensure transparent management by maintaining proper accountability to not only shareholders but also society, clients, employees and other stakeholders.
  • A Board of Directors whose duties contribute to sustainable growth and greater corporate value
    To achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value, our Board of Directors serves a compass for management, providing a highly effective supervisory function and creating an environment that enables individual employees to act autonomously.
  • Promoting and communicating thorough compliance
    As a corporate entity responsible for developing social infrastructure, we are keenly aware that management must be underpinned by thorough compliance; we strongly promote compliance measures and publicize our efforts to serve as a model for the industry.
  • October, 2022

    Osamu Omoto, President and Representative Director

Three Policies for being a trusted company

We have established three basic policies as guidelines, aiming to win the trust of stakeholders, including customers, employees, and local communities.

Compliance Policy

Strongly recognizing that strict compliance with the laws is a fundamental premise for business activities, we have established Compliance Regulations and we strive to promote compliance.

  1. We ensure proper corporate governance and operate our business based on compliance.
  2. We ensure fair, transparent, and appropriate transactions, whether within or outside the Company.
  3. Valuing the importance of communication with related companies, business partners, and the broader community, we ensure appropriate disclosure for mutual understanding, and thorough accountability.
  4. We strictly protect and properly manage various information, including personal and customer information.
  5. We maintain sound and appropriate relationships with governments and administrative authorities.
  6. We shall never comply with unfair and illegal demands from Anti-Social Forces or organizations, nor shall we use the power of such Anti-Social Forces.
  7. Respecting the individuality of all employees, we make efforts to ensure safe and ideal work environments and continually provide employees with necessary education and fair evaluations.
  8. We comply with national laws as well as regional and international laws, respect various international standards, and, in consideration of cultures and customs, contribute to the development of the economies of the countries or regions concerned.
  9. October, 2022

    Osamu Omoto, President and Representative Director

Compliance Policy Regarding the Antimonopoly Act of Japan and Other Related Regulations

We shall comply with the Antimonopoly Act of Japan and other relevant laws and regulations (effective in a country or region where our business operates) and strive to take all possible measures for establishing and implementing our compliance system. For such purpose, we have set forth the following specific guidelines.

  1. For the purpose of expressing a willingness to accept an order and for providing information pertaining to planning and technology, we engage in marketing and sales activities with respect to customers.
  2. In implementing marketing and sales activities, we shall never have inappropriate contacts with other business operators.
  3. We place bids at reasonable prices based on our own cost estimation.
  4. We record our compliance activities in order to prevent illegal acts.
  5. We will engage in fair and open competition as well as maintain neutrality and independence as construction consultants.
  6. October, 2022

    Osamu Omoto, President and Representative Director

Basic Policy Regarding Anti-Social Forces

PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. provides the following basic policies in order to prevent damage caused by groups or individuals that pursue economic benefits by making full use of violence, force and/or fraudulent means (hereinafter referred to as "Anti-Social Forces").

  1. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. shall, as an entire organization, deal with any unjustified demands by Anti-Social Forces.
  2. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. shall establish close relationships with external specialists, such as the police and the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and engage in proper handling in an organized manner in order to prevent damage caused by Anti-Social Forces.
  3. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. shall not have any relationship with Anti-Social Forces, including a business or transactional relationship.
  4. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. shall strongly refuse any unjustified demands by Anti-Social Forces and shall take legal measures, on both a civil and criminal basis, with respect to such claims.
  5. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. shall never provide funds to Anti-Social Forces, nor shall it make backdoor deals with Anti-Social Forces.
  6. October, 2022

    Osamu Omoto, President and Representative Director