Company Information Pacific Consultants Group Vision

To help shape a world without economic disparities, in which all people can live a prosperous life, without fear.
To help protect our beautiful planet, the source of all life, and its natural environments, to preserve them for the future.

Our mission is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by balancing these two goals. We do this by identifying the everchanging challenges of the present, as well as the challenges of the future, and striving to solve them through our advanced services built around infrastructure engineering.

We continually take on new challenges to generate new value and innovation.


Producing the Future

Management Principle

Enhancing our skills and abilities as professional consultants, we continue to provide society with new value through advanced integrated solution services.


1. Fairness/Honesty4. Co-creation/Collaboration 2. Responsibility/Contribution5. Diversity/Receptive 3. Passion/Challenge6. Happiness/Serenity

Charter of Corporate Conduct

In order to realize our management principle, we promote healthy and sustainable development on the basis of high ethical standards and compliance with all laws in accordance with the following charter, which serves as our code of conduct.

1. Fair and Appropriate Business Activities

  • We promote healthy and transparent business activities through fair and open competition, while firmly maintaining neutrality and independence on the basis of high ethical standards and compliance with all laws under the top priority of compliance.

2. Customer Satisfaction and Obtaining Their Trust

  • We make good faith efforts to develop socially high valuable and advanced technologies/solution services, and provide high-quality performances with honesty and confidence, while enhancing our technical skills and comprehensive abilities that have been experienced since our Company was established.
  • We strictly protect and properly manage information obtained in the course of our duties and maintain confidentiality thereof.

3. Improving More Comfortable and Fulfilling Lifestyle for Employees

  • We strive to foster employees who possess high humanity, excellent creativity and expertise, while respecting individuals of employees' diversity.
  • We create a broadminded corporate atmosphere and a safe work environment with vitality, comfort and affluence, while interacting and supporting each other.

4. Environmental Initiatives

  • We independently act on solving environmental problems for the development of a society in which people and nature can co-exist in harmony.

5. Building a Good Relationship with Society

  • We actively attend and contribute to local communities as a "good corporate citizen".
  • We contribute to develop international society, while respecting diverse cultures, customs of the world and all people's human rights.

6. Management's Commitment

  • We make profits appropriately and promote a sustainable corporate management under a social trust, by creating an effective governance and enhancing risk management.
  • We improve our corporate value by actively disclosure the corporate information and constructive communication with a broad number of stakeholders.
  • The executive management realizes the spirit of the Charter of Corporate Conduct, while taking initiative to serve as role models.

April, 2023

President and Representative Director
Osamu Omoto