Company Message from the President

Pacific Consultants was founded in 1951 with a mission to contribute to society and human happiness by providing world-class technologies and services. Since then, we have been committed to solving issues in Japan and other countries.

At present, many Asian and African countries are experiencing explosive population increases, and competition both in urban development and in acquiring the food and resources needed to achieve regional growth is intensifying across the globe. It is imperative that we protect the global environment, achieve sustainable development, and build a foundation based on which all people on this planet can live happily.

In 2008, Pacific Consultants International Co., Ltd., which operated internationally in as many as 130 countries and regions, was involved in a business transfer. Now, we have begun to take on new challenges and in fact we are accelerating our activities. Technologies know no national boundaries. At Pacific Consultants, we have strengthened cooperation with our domestic and overseas business partners and begun to operate in the regional management market , by making our own investments, while continuing to work on our existing businesses of engineering consulting and management consulting.

We aim to be a company that creates the future of society by responding flexibly to the accelerating changes in the operating environment with a wealth of ideas and an ability to act boldly, while retaining the pioneering spirit that has been with us since our founding.

October 2018
President and Representative Director