Company Scope of Certification, and Quality/Environmental Policy

Scope of Certification of ISO9001:2015, and ISO14001:2015

The Company has established the quality management system and environmental management system and some offices obtained ISO 9001 in 1998, and ISO 14001 in 1999. Subsequently, those offices continue to be certified, and, in October 2009, we obtained such ISO certification for the whole company.

The scope of the Company's ISO 9001 certification accredited by JAB covers 28 Construction, 33 Information Technology, 34 Engineering Services, and 35 Other Services, and the scope of the Company's ISO 14001 certification accredited by JAB covers 33 Information Technology and 34 Engineering Services.

Tokyo Headquarters Office, Business Administration Division, Marketing and Sales Division, International Division, Service Provider Division, Urban Planning and Management Division, Transportation Infrastructure Division, Land Conservation Division, Environmental Solutions Division, Project Management Division, Hokkaido Branch Office, Tohoku Branch Office, Chubu Branch Office, Osaka Headquarters Office, Chugoku Branch Office, Kyushu Branch Office and other related offices are ISO certified.


Quality Philosophy

In order to contribute to development of good social infrastructure, we make good faith efforts to develop socially valuable and advanced technical services and provide high-quality performances. Therefore, we set forth the following Quality Policy, and the management and all employees work together.

Quality Policy

  1. We fully implement the contents of the agreement with a customer, and provide error-free deliverables, while strictly observing the delivery date.
  2. We understand the true intention of the customer's request, and provide the best proposal and recommendation therefor.
  3. The management and all employees ensure the performance of the duties in their respective positions for the effective and efficient operations of the quality management system.
  4. The Company will establish its own system through continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

October, 2022

Osamu Omoto
President and Representative Director


Environmental Philosophy

We are deeply involved in global environment as construction consultants through improving social infrastructure. Forming high-quality social capital which is low environmental impact through eco-friendly and people-friendly research, planning, design, information processing, and management technology, the Company aims to conserve the global environment and contribute to the society.

Environmental Policy

1. Contribution to Sustainable Society
In the study, research, planning, design, information processing, and management service, which are related to social infrastructure improvement that the Company engages in, the Company provides an environmentally-conscious technical proposal and contributes to the establishment of a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society in harmony with nature.
2. Practice of Environmentally-Conscious Business Activities
Making efforts to reduce the environmental impact caused by the business activities, the Company actively works to conserve the environment and prevent the environmental pollution.
3. Implementation of Continual Improvement Activities
To reduce the environmental impact, the Company establishes and operates the environmental management system, setting environmental objectives. The environmental management system is regularly reviewed for continual improvement.
4. Compliance of Laws and Regulations
The Company complies with environment-related laws, regulations, and other requirements that the Company has agreed.

October, 2022

Osamu Omoto
President and Representative Director

Scope of Certification of ISO55001

The Company and PE-TeRaS CO., LTD., a subsidiary thereof, obtained ISO 55001 (the Asset Management System) for the business of photovoltaic power generation and selling electricity that is operated and managed at Tsukuba Research Center in Ibaraki, on June 25, 2015.

The ISO 55001 Certification covers managing operation and maintenance of photovoltaic powerplant.

Asset Management Policy

Based on its corporate mission, "The Company contributes to the society as the team of professionals, who remove difficulties or hardships and open the way with an indomitable spirit, by providing world-class technologies and services.", the Company sets forth the Asset Management Policy as follows.

Course of Action

  1. The Company establishes the management systems to gain client satisfaction and trust. The Asset Management System is regarded as one of such systems.
  2. The Company provides services regarding asset management based on the establishment of a good relationship with the society.
  3. The Company will continually improve the effectiveness of the Asset Management System.

October, 2022

Osamu Omoto
President and Representative Director