CSR of Pacific Consultants

The CSR activities of Pacific Consultants are based on the corporate philosophy and the long term corporate vision. We promote proactive CSR activities.

CSR Activity Policy
  • Each employee contributes to society by creating excellent value through the work itself.
  • We proactively perform social contribution activities as a corporate citizen by leveraging our professions and contributing to the realization of a secure and propserous society.
  • We strive for the creation of a fair and conducive workplace so that each employee can take pride as a member of society and work with a smile on his or her face.

CSR of Pacific Consultants

We have published the Partnership Book.

Pacific Consultants proactively communicates with various stakeholders, builds partnerships and clears a path for the future together.

Diversity Management

We celebrate individual differences in age, sex, lifestyle, nationality, career, religion, role, sense of value, ideas, etc., and promote "diversity management" that embraces the inclusion and diversity as a strength and a mean for providing various values.

"Diversity management" is one of the two pillars of our Long Term Vision 2030. The "Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Policy" was established on October 2015 for the realization of the Long Term Vision 2030.

D&I 2020 Vision

A workplace that leverages various individual skills and sensibilities so that each member can respond energetically to the requirements of society as consultants and as service providers

Goals to Achieve the Vision

  1. Foster the D&I environment and culture.
  2. Secure various personnel and respect and utilize the individuality. (fair)
  3. Build a workplace where the employee can stay true to himself/herself and work energetically. (care)

Establish a promotion system with in-house D&I promotion project team to serve as a function to connect the raising of the awareness of the organization and building of a system from the top-down with the changing of awareness and behavior of each employee from the bottom-up, and put D&I into practice throughout the company.

WLB (Work Life Balance) Project

The promotion of work life balance is essential to the execution of the diversity management promoted by our company.

We have been actively involved in the promotion of work life balance since 2009 so that each employee can work with enthusiasm and live a richer life.

So Kurusu of Transport Policy Department. Besides being involved in the transport policy to consider the smart utilization of roads, through his hobby of bicycling, he has been selected as a member of the Hokkaido team and participated in the Tour de Hokkaido, and showed his competency by completing the race. Surely, his work and lifestyle is bringing out the synergistic effect.

We started the "WLB888 Project" (Work Life Balance Triple 8 Project) from May 2010. This project was selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Work Style Reform "Tokyo Model" Business*.

The project name "888" refers to the 24 hours of a day that consist of three elements: 8 hours of work, 8 hours for oneself, family and community, and 8 hours for personal health. It expresses the idea of being a trigger to reexamine one's current life, and think about one's future life.

It is natural to create good results given enough time.
We, Pacific Consultants, challenge to "provide superior proposals and consulting in a limited timeframe."

  • The Work Style Reform "Tokyo Model" Business refers to the assistance given for the cost and the publication of the results by Tokyo Metropolitan of the pioneering work style reform projects by corporations and the like and the activities for establishing the working environment to enable an employee to continue working while attempting to balance work and personal life.

Challenge 1: Implement No-Overtime Day

The no-overtime day that had lost its substance as an effective policy was revived and it was executed throughout the company in September 2012. The other companies in the same line of business were called upon to implement a simultaneous no-overtime day among 14 companies in the industry. The no-overtime day was implemented among 19 companies in June 2014, and the simultaneous no-overtime day was implemented involving the entire industry in October sponsored by Japan Civil Engineering Consultants Association.
Our company is carrying out work life balance promotional activities that involve the entire industry.

Challenge 2: Project by the Pilot Group

Work style reform project was implemented by the pilot group from May 2010 for three years. The project was implemented by a group, the smallest organizational unit, which decided on its vision, identified the issues for achieving the vision by members themselves who agreed on the solution measures and executed them. Each member shared his schedule and job activities and became aware of the work style as a team.

Challenge 3: Long Vacation System Trial

The long vacation system was put to a trial test from 2012. Taking of a vacation more than 10 continuous days long including weekends are encouraged. It becomes important to share information in everyday work when it comes to deciding how to hand over the work when taking a vacation.

Challenge 4: Award for Activities to Limit Long Working Hours

Awards are presented to the organizations and persons who promoted activities to suppress long working hours. We present awards to the departments which have high implementation rate of no-overtime days, carry out excellent activities against overtime work and have high productivity. Also, in addition to presenting awards, we aim to share within the company the cases on departments that carry out effective activities.

Challenge 5: Hosting of Family Day

We work comfortably each day because our families give us support.
In order to express our gratitude, we invite our families to the office and introduce the content of our work.
Sometimes we find a different part of a person than at work. This event helps to play a role in stimulating the communication at the workplace.