Company History

The history of Pacific Consultants is the history of our construction consultants itself.

The history of Pacific Consultants

September 1951 A US corporation Pacific Consultants Incorporated (PC.Inc.) established by equal contribution by Muneki Shiraishi, Eric Floor and Antonin Raymond (registered in Delaware, USA, head office in Chicago, Tokyo branch in Marunouchi building, ward 424)
First vice-president Fukujiro Hirayama
February 1954 A Japanese corporation Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd. (PCKK) established (Tokyo, Shinjuku west exit, Higashi Fuji building [now Subaru building]), captial JPY 300,000.
First president Fukujiro Hirayama
April 1959 Sapporo field office opened (promoted to Sapporo branch in April, 1965, renamed to Hokkaido branch in April, 1992).
July 1960 Class 1 architect office registered.
May 1961 Nagoya field office opened (promoted to Nagoya branch in April, 1965, renamed to Chubu branch in April, 1992).
May 1962 Osaka field office opened (promoted to Osaka branch in April, 1965, promoted to Osaka head office in October, 1995).
November 1963 Fukuoka field office opened (promoted to Fukuoka branch in April, 1965, renamed to Kyushu branch in April, 1992).
February 1965 Registered as construction consultant.
February 1965 Sendai field office opened (promoted to Sendai branch in April, 1965, renamed to Tohoku branch in April, 1992).
January 1968 Niigata field office opened (promoted and renamed to Hokuriku branch in October, 2006).
July 1969 Pacific Consultants International Co.,Ltd. (PCI) established (group company)
June 1972 Okinawa field office opened (promoted to Okinawa branch in October, 1996).
December 1972 Pacific Repro Services Co.,Ltd. (PRS) established (subsidiary)
October 1978 Hiroshima field office opened (promoted to Chugoku branch in April, 1992).
June 1979 Pacicon Technical Management Co.,Ltd. (PTM) established (group company)
April 1984 Takamatsu field office opened (promoted to Shikoku branch in April, 1998).
November 1984 Tsukuba Test Site opened (now Tsukuba Research Center).
June 1989 Pacific Techno Co., Ltd. established (renamed to Techno Tohoku in October, 2000) (subsidiary).
October 1989 SDI Co.,Ltd. established (group company)
April 1990 Pacicon Tsukuba Research Co.,Ltd. (PTR) established (subsidiary)
November 1990 PCE Co.,Ltd. established (subsidiary)
April 1991 PIT Co.,Ltd. established (subsidiary)
April 1997 Pacicon Building Co., Ltd. established (group company)
June 1998 TRION Co., Ltd. established (subsidiary)
February 2000 Pacific Consultants International Group Co.,Ltd. (PCIG) established (PCKK, PCI became wholly-owned subsidiaries)
March 2010 Functional Approach Institute Co., Ltd. (FAI) established (group company)
November 2011 Kagura Care Partners Co., Ltd. established (affiliated company)
February 2012 InterAct Co., Ltd. established (affiliated company)
July 2012 A Chinese subsidiary, Pacific (Dalian) Process Technology Co., Ltd. established in Dalian, China
December 2012 PE-TeRaS Co., Ltd. established (subsidiary)
February 2013 Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. established (subsidiary)
October 2014 Innovation Promotion Center Co., Ltd. (IPC) established (group company)
October 2014 PCE Co., Ltd. merged with Pacicon Tsukuba Research Co., Ltd., company name changed to PCER Co., Ltd. (subsidiary)

Introduction to the history from the foundation to the present