Our BusinessOceans, Coasts and Ports

Pacific Consultants offer total production in projects related to harbors, coastal areas and fishing ports.

Oceans, Coasts and Ports

In the area of ports, harbors and coastal areas, we conduct surveying, planning, design and analysis of port, coastal and marine areas. In the planning area, our services include port and harbor plans, distribution studies, applications for land reclamation, business assessments, asset management, ocean energy studies and so on. In the design field, we are involved in earthquake resistant quay walls, breakwaters and seawalls. On the analysis front, we conduct analyses on tsunamis, storm surges, calmness and other conditions.
In the area of ports, harbors and airports, we rank first in the industry with completed projects valued at 3.4 billion yen in a single recent year (Nikkei Construction May 11, 2015 issue).

Pacific Consultants boasts an extensive track record in Japan and overseas as a pioneer in comprehensive construction consulting. Our consultants are ready to respond extensively based on the latest information to any questions from order placement representatives.