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Sapporo Station Underground Pedestrian Space
Completion of construction 2011

The project involved an underground pedestrian space extending 520 meters that linked Sapporo Station with the Odori and Susukino areas. It is an indispensable space during the harsh Hokkaido winter. The space is established in parallel with leisure facilities and features art exhibitions, musical events and performances, providing eye-pleasing attractions for pedestrians the year round.

  • Opened: 2011
  • Facility Length: 520m
  • Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido

Many locals see the space as an important place that is essential for Sapporo, as it is spacious, easy to walk through, highly convenient and allows for a comfortable weather protected means to move about not only during Hokkaido’s winter months, but as well on rainy days at other times during the year.

While Susukino is two stops away from Sapporo Station by subway, pedestrians can also get there via the underground walkway. Hosting galleries and shops and affording connections to buildings at department stores and other commercial facilities, pedestrians can also enjoy themselves on the way to their destination.

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