Our BusinessRoads

We have already started to turn people’s hopes to "go further on" into reality


Pacific Consultants is involved in various road projects in Japan and abroad as part of its efforts to facilitate the continued development of society and regional areas, and to improve convenience for road users. Our business activities involve support for all phases of road projects, including the development of road development plans, various planning, surveying and design work, construction and project supervision, and maintenance management plans for after service commencement, and require a broad range of technologies. We also take part in review committees that amend the various standards and manuals used in road planning and design from a position representing the construction consultant industry. Moving forward, we will continue to commit ourselves to development of roads that will demonstrate a broad array of roles and functions to the fullest extent and will contribute to social and economic development, including improved convenience and safety for road users.

Pacific Consultants boasts an extensive track record in Japan and overseas as a pioneer in comprehensive construction consulting. Our consultants are ready to respond extensively based on the latest information to any questions from order placement representatives.