Our BusinessTunnels

We offer comprehensive technical services tailored to the increasingly diverse uses of underground spaces.


Pacific Consultants supports total management of underground structures including roads, railroads and underground spaces. Using all manner of tunnel technologies including NATM, open-cut and shield tunnels, we offer comprehensive technical services for tunnels in general, including surveying, planning, design, construction management and maintenance.
In the field of mountain tunnels, we have used NATM to amass an extensive track record in the design of special tunnels, including long tunnels, long tunnels with large cross sections, and binocular tunnels.
In tunnel maintenance, we examine and propose tunnel inspections, repair designs and maintenance plans. Using traveling-type measurement vehicles employing new technologies (MIMM-R), tunnels are checked for cracks, leaks, discoloration, cross-sectional deformation mode, lining thickness, rear face cavities and so on.
In the area of city tunnels, we use shield and open-cut tunnel technologies to plan, examine and design city tunnels. We maintain specialized technologies for deep underground tunnels, SENS construction methods and earthquake-resistant designs for underground structures.

Pacific Consultants boasts an extensive track record in Japan and overseas as a pioneer in comprehensive construction consulting. Our consultants are ready to respond extensively based on the latest information to any questions from order placement representatives.