Our BusinessGyotoku Operable Weir Renovation Work

Gyotoku Movable Weir Renovation Work
Project Duration September 2008 to July 2014
Completion of construction July 2014
Ordered by Edogawa River Office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau

This project involved the renovation of the Gyotoku Movable Weir, which was completed in 1956. During the renovation work, the weir was changed from one of Japan’s largest rolling gates , of which very few now remain in service, to a shield gate. Reinforcement work was also carried out so that the weir can withstand the level 2 earthquake motion. A significant cost reduction was made by renovating the existing facilities, instead of constructing new ones.

The Gyotoku Operable Weir is one of the largest operable weirs in the Kanto region. Installed at the downstream end of the Edogawa River, it possesses flood control and irrigation functions and has been in service for almost 60 years since completion of construction. While the project involved partial renovations to ensure effective utilization of the facilities, this was the first full-scale renovation in Japan of large operable weir facilities of this kind that included seismic retrofitting, and received a great deal of attention from various parties for this reason. In 2014, the renovation work was completed without incident, work was completed without incident, and the facilities are expected to fulfill the important role of ensuring flood-control and irrigation for the Edogawa basin for the next half-century. In recognition of the full-scale renovation, the project received the 2014 Zenken Award.

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