Our BusinessRivers, Dams and Erosion Control(Sabo)

Considering the effects of climate change and other developments, we pursue the development of flood control projects that take entire watershed areas into account.

Rivers, Dams and Erosion Control(Sabo)

We examine and propose measures that make up the best mix of structural and non-structural flood control measures in a stepwise fashion across the entire watershed, taking into account the impact due to climate change and floods exceeding designed levels.

  • In addition to river facilities and sewage facilities, we examine and propose coordinated water drainage plans within the watershed that also considers measures against rainwater received by city facilities.
  • Utilizing the cascading arrangements of stream type flood control dams, we can promote sound water circulation and floor control measures through the restructuring of dams and flow adjustments.
  • In light of the impact of climate change and other developments, appropriate measures are examined and proposed. These include renovations to existing large-scale flood control facilities, modifications to operational rules and expanded functionality based on extending service life.

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