Our BusinessThe Project for Capacity Building on Climate Resilience in the Pacific

Subject The Project for Capacity Building on Climate Resilience in the Pacific
Ordered by JICA
Project Duration Feb-2020 to Jul-2022

Island countries in the Pacific region, which are extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels and other natural disasters caused by climate change, have low adaptive capacity to climate change and face a wide range of risks. This is further compounded, as there are concerns that climate change-related disasters will continue to increase in severity and frequency. Additionally, island countries in the region face challenges such as a lack of capacity for climate change prediction and impact assessment, which is necessary to review adaptation plans to focus on resilience and disaster prevention, and lack of capacity to access and respond to climate change finance, including the Green Climate Fund.

The Pacific region needs to develop a regional center of excellence for climate change action and human resource development. Therefore, JICA, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), has established the Pacific Climate Change Center (PCC) to strengthen the functions of the PCC as a base for climate change training.

We provide comprehensive training covering a wide range of areas such as climate science, disaster prevention, ecosystem conservation, water resources, food (agriculture and fisheries), health, tourism, climate finance access, and gender, to stakeholders in island countries located in the Pacific region. Thereby, contributing to improvement of their capacity for climate change prediction, impact assessment, adaptation, and climate finance access.

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