Our BusinessEnvironmental Policies, Biodiversity and Environmental Assessments

Building a sustainable society through supporting all environmental disciplines

Support in the general environmental field to build a sustainable society

Pacific Consultants works on environmental assessments, environmental studies and environmentally-friendly design in connection with development projects with the aim of building a sustainable society. Having begun initiatives since the inception of the environmental assessment system, we are now an established provider of environmental assessments with more than 600 such assessments under our belt. As a comprehensive construction consulting firm, we are involved with a number of big projects. By making proposals not only from an environmental perspective but from an approach that combines planning aspects as well, we have helped achieve eco-consciousness and promoted the smooth implementation of projects.
In recent years, while being involved in eco-friendly management for numerous development projects, we have also expanded to regional contribution activities such as support for environmental education at elementary schools in rural areas.
Pacific Consultants also provides support for national and local government environmental policies and private sector CSR and environmental management, including consideration of environmental risk study loans and the formulation of regional strategies for preserving biodiversity. In this way, we offer broad support in the environmental field.

Pacific Consultants boasts an extensive track record in Japan and overseas as a pioneer in comprehensive construction consulting. Our consultants are ready to respond extensively based on the latest information to any questions from order placement representatives.