Our BusinessBangladesh the Jamuna, braided river inclusive management

Subject Bangladesh the Jamuna, braided river inclusive management
Ordered by JICA
Project Duration Sep-2020 to Aug-2024

Every year during the rainy season, the Jomuna River, a huge network of rivers in Bangladesh, washes away houses and farmlands along its banks due to riverbank erosion, resulting in the loss of lives and property of many residents and hindering economic development in Bangladesh. To date, huge amounts of money have been invested by countries around the world to mitigate flood damage caused by riverbank erosion through the construction of embankments and revetments, but riverbank erosion continues unabated in the highly unstable Jomuna River, which is located in the vast deltaic lowlands and is supplied with enormous amounts of sediment from the Himalayas. In order to tackle this difficult problem, we are trying to understand all the characteristics of the natural fluctuations of the Jomuna River and to control this huge network of rivers in the most effective and economical way by utilizing the latest satellite image analysis technology and artificial intelligence, as well as by gathering river engineering knowledge and technologies from all over the world.

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