Our BusinessWatershed Management

In light of social trends in watershed areas, we tackle issues from a holistic perspective of the entire catchment system.

Watershed Management

To achieve goals such as understanding the cyclical mechanisms of watershed water and sediments, preventing and minimizing flooding and landslides, engaging in the appropriate management of water resources and preserving the natural environment, we off the necessary management technologies for each component of the watershed system.

Disaster Response Management
By treating the watershed as a single body, water cycle models can help mitigate damage in response to events like flooding, drought, earthquake or fire.
Water Resource Management
To preserve, restore and create a bountiful and pure water environment, we produce Foundation Policy on Normal Water Management and aim to preserve and rehabilitate the natural water circulation system.
Natural Environmental Management
We analyze the mechanisms of the watershed water circulation system and the natural environment formed as a result, and strive to preserve, restore and create biodiversity and ecosystem continuity.

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