Our BusinessNature and Social Environmental Systems

We strive to achieve harmony between nature and lifestyles with the use of ICT.

Nature and Social Environmental Systems

By utilizing ICT to ascertain current conditions and make future predictions about the various environments that surround our lives, we support regional development that facilitates safe and secure living. The natural environment includes the ground (topology and geology), areas susceptible to disasters (landslides, flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.), regional resources (forests, energy, water resources, etc.) and biological distribution, while social environments include residents (population, demographics), land owners, homes and so on.
By collecting and analyzing this data and developing mechanisms to share it with related parties and residents, we aim to devise disaster risk reduction and management plans and aid disaster response capabilities, as well as to identify regional resources and issues to contribute to regional maintenance and development.
We also plan, design, develop and operate information systems to centrally manage these with the use of technologies such as GIS.

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