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Toride Nuclear Decontamination Project
Toride Nuclear Decontamination Project
Project Duration June 2012 to September 2014
Ordered by Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture

In accordance with the Act on Special Measures concerning the Handling of Pollution by Radioactive Materials enacted in response to the accident at the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, efforts began with the decontamination of all elementary and junior high schools in Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture, later expanding to a decontamination project coverall roads and residential areas across the city. Pacific Consultants provided comprehensive consulting for radiation dosage measurements and decontamination work over a period of about two years.

  • The wide-ranging work and examination items that included on-site dosage measurements, determining the details of decontamination work, designing the decontamination work, supervising work progress and managing information, were split among multiple departments based on their areas of expertise. In this way, we achieved smooth progress of the decontamination work by implementing comprehensive management.
  • Due to the large scale of the project, at its peak roughly 200 supervisory personnel, dosage measurement personnel and decontamination workers were engaged in the work simultaneously. We divided the work of these personnel, supervised progress, and comprehensively organized and analyzed vast amounts of measurement data and information such as decontamination effects.

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