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Tokyo Gate Bridge Design Project
Completion of construction 2011
Ordered by Yokohama Port and Airport Technology Investigation Office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau

Winner of 2011 Tanaka Award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers

The approach section of the Tokyo Gate Bridge is a continuous steel floor panel design comprising hollow RC-type bridge piers and a rigid connection structure, while the foundations employ a steel pipe sheet pile well foundation. The design aimed to improve fatigue resistance to heavy traffic and reduce costs. A technical committee was established from the planning stages and engaged in various considerations.
Characteristics of the design include the use of BHS500 high yield point steel sheet for bridges for the upper construction, an improved trough rib to counter fatigue cracks in the steel floor, a design subjected to stress testing using FEM analysis, and for the foundation, the use of high strength joints made from checkered steel piping to improve the shear capacity of the steel pipe sheet pile well foundations. Pacific Consultants believes that the examination of these various new technologies and considerations given to durability for the Tokyo Gate Bridge will make significant contributions to the development of future bridge technologies.

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