Our BusinessThailand AMATA Chonburi Gateway R&D Hub Development Plan

Subject Thailand AMATA Chonburi Gateway R&D Hub Development Plan
Ordered by MLIT
Project Duration Oct-2020 to Mar-2021

This project promotes the development of a smart city that would integrate work and residential areas in a 256-hectare green field adjacent to the AMATA Smart City Chonburi Industrial Park, which has a number of Japanese-affiliated companies at its core. We are studying development plans with the aim of creating a "Second Yokohama," modeled after the Minato Mirai 21 project, that would attract advanced industries in keeping with the Thailand 4.0 policy (promoting the fourth industrial revolution following agriculture, light industry, and heavy industry), while providing high-quality living environments and urban services.

Specifically, by introducing an urban OS, we will develop comprehensive smart city services through utilization of data in mobility, security, environment, area management, and innovation. In addition, this will form a business cycle to improve the efficiency and quality of services

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