Our BusinessPakistan Bridge Maintenance Project

Ordered by JICA
Project Duration Aug-2013 to Mar-2019

The National Highway Authority (NHA) of Pakistan is developing a road maintenance plan using road maintenance planning software (HDM4) that was introduced in 2003 and a road asset management system introduced in 2008 under the World Bank's Highway Rehabilitation Project.

As one of its component systems, a bridge maintenance management system has been established. However, bridge inspections and data registration had not yet been conducted, as the system was not fully functional.

The approximately 5,000 bridges and 16,000 culverts managed by NHA were at high risk of early deterioration and/or damage from increased traffic, rampant overloading, poor design and construction. However, no maintenance management plan had been established for bridge inspections. As a result, it was not possible to request a budget for bridge repairs. Moreover, when damage was discovered, the bridge was often demolished and had to be replaced, even though it had not reached the end of its service life.

Therefore, as part of this project, a Bridge Management Unit consisting of four engineers was organized through discussions with NHA in order to continuously implement a bridge maintenance management cycle of inspection plan, which includes bridge inspection, inspection result evaluation, maintenance management planning, and bridge repair.

In addition, even though no staff had been hired within a roughly 10 year period, we asked NHA to hire 12 bridge inspectors on a fixed-term contract to conduct inventory surveys in model areas, inspect representative bridges, input data into a database, analyze data, develop annual maintenance management plans, and prepare short, medium, and long-term plans.

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