Our BusinessHigh-Quality Transportation Infrastructure Export Project

Subject High-Quality Transportation Infrastructure Export Project
~Introducing new transportation systems in emerging countries~
Ordered by METI
Project Duration Oct-2018 to Feb-2020

The Japanese government is promoting overseas deployment of high-quality infrastructure, which takes full advantage of Japan's strong technological know-how, thereby contributing to economic growth of partner countries. We were awarded contracts by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to conduct a "Feasibility Study on Overseas Development of High-Quality Infrastructure," which seeks to solve urban and transportation problems in partner countries and regions by introducing effective transportation infrastructure.

The project below is a feasibility study (F/S) for introducing a new transit system (Automated Guideway Transit) in an emerging country. This transit system has already been introduced in the Tokyo waterfront subcenter area and other areas.

Da Nang City, Vietnam

Da Nang is the third-largest city in Vietnam and, with rapid population and economic growth, the number of automobiles owned is expected to increase significantly in the future, resulting in chronic traffic congestion. We suggested that it is necessary to develop a rail system before traffic congestion becomes a problem, rather than waiting until traffic problems develop, as occurred in other Asian cities. As one means of achieving this, we studied the introduction of a new transportation system that could effectively utilize the limited road space in existing urban areas.

Medellín, Colombia

In the past, public safety and poverty were major problems in Medellín, Columbia, but while the city's strategic urban policies have made progress, chronic traffic congestion and severe air pollution have continued to hinder sustainable growth. In response to a plan to develop a rail transit system, we proposed the optimal transportation mode based on various factors such as: demand, topographical characteristics, and road space. For routes and sections with inclines, we proposed the introduction of a new transit system that is resistant to inclines and conducted a F/S.

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