Our BusinessResearch Project on Stable Power Supply with Triple Hybrid Power Generation System in the Southern Region of Myanmar

Subject Research Project on Stable Power Supply with Triple Hybrid Power Generation System in the Southern Region of Myanmar
Ordered by METI
Project Duration Sep-2020 to Feb-2021

Tanintharyi State, located in the southern part of Myanmar, is currently not connected to the national grid. Rather, electricity is supplied by small diesel and gas power plants in each region, as well as by solar panels installed in each household.

There are plans to extend the National Grid from Mora Myaing to Dawei with the support of ADB. Power supply to industrial parks under development around Dawei will be supplied from this grid for the time being. However, it is necessary to introduce renewable energy sources that will contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society, in keeping with the "Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan" formulated in 2018, and redundant power grids that will contribute to a stable power supply.

As of yet, there are no concrete plans for the development of a national grid south of Dawai, and it is essential to develop a stable, high-quality power supply using distributed power sources that utilize renewable energy for the improvement of living standards and industrial development.

In light of the situation, a feasibility study was conducted with the aim of introducing a triple hybrid power generation system (an independent power supply system combining photovoltaic power generation, storage batteries, and engines) as a distributed power source to realize a low-carbon society and stable, high-quality power supply. The project was conducted by our company, as the lead agency, and with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Ltd.

The specific items of the study are as follows:

  • - Legal systems and policies related to power supply development
  • - Current status of energy supply
  • - Understanding of the Myanmar government, state government, and local needs
  • - Assumption of project scale, survey of potential counterpart partners, and formulation of implementation policy
  • - Schematic design of the proposed system
  • - Schemes, financing, and economic feasibility study
  • - Environmental and social considerations
  • - Identification of issues and study of solutions for future project realization

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