Our BusinessRenewable Energy

Subject Technical & Business Advisory service for renewable energy system
  • Solar Power System
  • Mini Hydro Power System
Client Global Environment Centre Foundation
Scope of Services
  • Realization of the project utilizing JCM (Joint Crediting Mechanism), which is promoted by the Japanese government.
  • Pacific Consultants collaborated with the local project owner to promote the project.
  • PCKK's input contributes not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to improve the financial health of the project by benefiting from the Japanese Government’s special program.
Fiscal year 2015


  • Respond to the increasing energy demand in emerging economies.
  • Supporting introduction of low carbon technology, which contributes to sustainable development.
  • Reduce CO2 emission by displacing electricity use from the exsiting generators.
  • Solar Power System, Palau
  • Roof-mount panels for on-site consumption of electricity in the warehouses
Reference of picture: company brochure of B Fouress (P) Limited.
  • Mini Hydro Power System, Kenya

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