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Photo1:Fatmawati Station and Special Bridge over Toll Road(Photographed by TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO.)

Project Duration Aug-2013 to Mar-2019

First overseas urban rail project completed by All-Japan

In this project, a 15.7 km long urban high-speed railroad with 13 stations (including Indonesia's first subway), was constructed, thereby, connecting central and southern Jakarta with the aim of eliminating serious traffic congestion unique to Asia. This aimed to improve the overall efficiency of transportation. We participated in the project as a supervisory joint venture from the start of construction in 2013 until its opening in March 2019. We were consistently in charge of the design and technical supervision of the civil structures, building of the railcar depot, overpass, and subway.

The completion of MRT drastically cut down car journeys, which previously needed more than 2 hours, to just 30 minutes. Therefore, providing reliable, on-time transport for Jakarta citizens.

The entire project, from planning to construction, operation, and maintenance support, was carried out by Japan's Official Development Assistance.

As the first overseas railroad project completed through All-Japan efforts, we jointly received the JSCE Technology Award (Group II) in 2019.

Photo2:JSCE Technology Award (Group II), 2019

Photo3:Bundaran HI Station Completion Ceremony

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