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Subject Hakushima New Station
Ordered by Hiroshima City
Project Duration Feb-2011 to Mar-2016

Hakushima New Station was opened in March 2015 as a transfer connection station, forming the city's transportation network at the point where the JR Sanyo Main Line intersects with the Astram Line and connecting the central part of Hiroshima City with residential areas in the northwest part of the city.

In order to renovate the existing underground civil engineering structure at this location, in the middle of National Route 54, and make it an inviting space for people to come and go, the shape of the entire building was designed to create a sense of ascent from underground to ground level, which matched the flow of passengers walking from the underground track level of the Astram Line through the ground level to the JR station.

The roof (shell), which is constructed in the form of a three-dimensional curved vault along the line of the Nakasu, has circular openings of various sizes, bringing light and fresh air into the interior. The interior wall surface receives sunlight cut into circular shapes, showing different expressions depending on time, weather, and season.

The connecting walkway from the Astram Line station to the JR station consists of lightweight grid beams and a roof formed by scattered solid pillars, most of which can be seen from the upper floor. Geenery is provided by vines and other plants.

Since its opening, the station has been used by many people commuting to work and school. We hope that it will become a space that brings a moment of peace and tranquility to public transportation as a part of daily life.

International Architecture Awards 2019

Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award 2017 by Japan Society of Civil Engineers

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