Our BusinessChina TOD project

Subject China TOD project
Ordered by Shenzhen City, Tianjin City
Project Duration Nov-2019 to Jun-2020

In China, high-speed railroads, urban rail transit, and subways are being built at a rapid pace, while urban development is progressing around base stations where multiple rail lines converge. As a result, TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) is garnering ever more attention and there are significant expectations for Japan's expertise here. For instance, Pacific Consultants. Co., Ltd. has already participated in urban development competitions held in China and won a number of prizes, leveraging our experience in many TOD-related projects back in Japan.

Won international competition for the Shenzhen North Railway Station Area TOD Plan

Shenzhen North Station is a large terminal station where high-speed rail, urban rail, and five subway lines converge. Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., Nihon Sekkei (lead firm), and Huahui (a design firm in based in Shenzhen) participated in a three-company joint venture for this project, which was to propose an urban design suitable for a northern gateway into Shenzhen City.

Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. proposed a synergistic transportation and landscape design that would create a sense of unity between the immediate area near the station itself and the surrounding vicinity.

In detail, we proposed an unmanned, medium-volume track transit system called AGT (Automated Guideway Transit), creating a three-dimensional landscape of green space and track transit by scaling down through the segmentation of green space.

Additionally, we proposed to reduce traffic load on surface streets in the area by developing an underground roadway network, while also equalizing road and parking congestion by converting to shared parking lots.

Runner-Up in the international competition for the Tianjin 5G Residential Smart City Urban Development

This project is aimed at developing a smart city plan that would include 1,600 residential units on a 16 ha site in Jinghai District, Tianjin, China, while utilizing 5G technology throughout the area.

The smart city plan aimed to enhance the scalability of urban management and improve user convenience by linking city functions with various digital platforms deployed by IT companies Pacific Consultant Co., Ltd. acted as the lead agency for this project in collaboration with China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (the only advisory organization in China, which evaluates important construction-related projects and provides advice to the Chinese government).

The proposal was designed to enhance the value of Jinghai as the third core area after the Tianjin Central District, the political center of Tianjin, and the Binhai New Area , which serves as the economic and trade center of Tianjin. Under the theme of "Yutori CITY" (meaning "rich, spacious, and beautiful city" in Chinese), we proposed a sustainable, healthy, and smart community with "space," "time," and "feeling" that can be realized through utilization of 5G technology.

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