Developed a customer analysis service using "search data x human flow data" in cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation.


Nov. 08, 2022

PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO., LTD. (Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Osamu Oomoto) has signed a partnership agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation to promote the joint development of big data solutions, and has joined Yahoo's Data Solution Service's Solution Partner Programme" in the data solution services offered by Yahoo Japan. As a first step, the two companies will develop a service that uses "search data x human flow data" to understand the actual conditions and factors of visits and non-visits to tourist attractions and facilities.

This service will utilize PACIFIC CONSULTANTS' knowledge and expertise in tourism, transport, urban planning and big data processing, and by analyzing Yahoo's search data and human flow data (only statistical data that cannot identify individuals), will provide unparalleled customer analysis for the government, tourism industry, commercial facilities and event operators, etc.

As a technical feature, conventional customer analysis services have only analyzed 'search data' and 'human flow data' separately, making it difficult to grasp the actual situation of 'non-visitors' who searched for a place of interest but did not actually visit. By linking search data and human flow data, this service enables analysis of the attributes of 'non-visitors' among those who searched for tourist attractions and events, the factors prevented them from visiting, and the places they visited instead. This enables the potential demand of non-visitors to be grasped, as well as the identification of information and contents that should be enhanced, the consideration of promotion strategies and their effectiveness to be verified on the basis of evidence.

The two companies will continue to study the practical application of the system throughout Japan, starting with its use in the 'Passenger Flow Analysis by Utilizing Big Data Demonstration Experiment Project' adopted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The two companies will also continue to develop various urban and infrastructure-related solutions that utilize big data.