Japan Society of Civil Engineers JSCE Tanaka Award for Best Work in 2021


May 18, 2022

PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO., LTD. (Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomoyuki Shigenaga) was awarded the 2021 JSCE Tanaka Award (Works category) for the Tama River Sky Bridge (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), for which PCKK conducted a detailed structural study.


The Tamagawa Sky Bridge was built as a Haneda Liaison Road (provisional name) connecting the King Sky Front of Kawasaki City and Haneda Global Wings, and was built across the Tama River as an infrastructure to strengthen links between the two areas and support the formation of a strategic growth base.

With a total road length of approximately 840 m road, the Tama River crossing section has a 602 m long steel 3-span continuous steel slab box girder composite ramen bridge, which has the longest span length of any composite ramen bridge in Japan.

The cross-sectional shape of the main girder was designed to harmonize with the horizontal landscape by securing an overhang length of 3 m, reducing the apparent width of the fascia line and creating an excellent drainage shape in order to reduce the sense of oppression on the girder sides.

The color scheme was based on harmony with the surrounding environment, and after conducting a color survey and confirming the environmental colors, 5PB7.5/0.5 was chosen to satisfy the color range indicated in the relevant higher-level plans, etc., and to achieve a good balance between blending into the background landscape of the sky and water surface, which account for the majority of the environmental colors, and the presence of the bridge as a stand-alone structure, 80cm x 90cm. The bridge was selected based on field checks using 80cm x 90cm painted panels.

The bridge is located at the mouth of the Tama River (0.8Kp), where a tidal flat at the mouth of the river extends, and is designated as an 'Ecosystem Preservation Space' in the functional space category of the Tama River Environmental Management Plan, and is a place with a rich natural environment, with shorebirds and plovers being observed in the area.

List of Tanaka Award winners in the works category, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) HP, FY2021: https://www.jsce.or.jp/prize/prize_list/7_tanakasakuhin.shtml#s2021

About the Tanaka Prize (works category)

The Tanaka Prize is awarded for new construction or reconstruction of bridges and similar structures that are recognized as having outstanding features in terms of planning, design, fabrication, construction and maintenance.