CIECC and PCKK held the 3rd anniversary exchange meeting - aim to confirm further strengthening of corporation in third country market


Dec. 16, 2021

China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, whose headquarters is located at No. 32, Che Gong Zhuang Xilu, Beijing, China (Chairman: Mr. Gou Husheng) and Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd., whose headquarters is located at 3-22 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (President/Chief Executive Officer:Tomoyuki Shigenaga) held an on-line exchange meeting on October 26, 2021 to commemorate the signing of the “memorandum of understanding for the cooperation in infrastructure development in third countries” and “the first China-Japan business development cooperation in third countries forum”.

In October 2018, the two companies signed the memorandum of understanding for active business development in third country market, and this time, to commemorate its 3rd anniversary of the agreement, we confirmed further strengthening of corporation in the future.

CIECC and PCKK have deepened exchanges through training of engineers and joint participation in international competitions. From now on, we will consider joint participation in projects in a variety of field, mainly focusing on infrastructure development projects.


<Main attendees>
China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC):
Mr. Gou (Chairman/General Manager), Mr. Dou (Deputy General Manager), Mr. Li (Chief Economic Manager), Mr. Wu (Director of General Office), Mr. Chen (Director of Business Development Department), Mr. You (Director of Human Resources Department), Mr. Du (Director of Overseas Economic Cooperation Department), Mr. Wang (Director of International Business Department), Ms. Shen (Deputy Director of Research Center)
Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. (PCKK):
Mr. Hasegawa (Chairman), Mr. Yamada (Director, Managing Executive Officer), Mr. Isono (President/Board Member, Global Company), Mr. Watanabe (Advisor to the Chairman/Officer), Mr. Li (General Manager, PCKK Dalian), Mr. Naito (Executive Vice President, Global Company), Mr. Shibazaki (Chief Director, Global Business Development Department)